Insider Introduction

Hello, I’m Tarry Shebesta, President of Automobile Consumer Services, Inc.

What you are about to read in this online publication is different from other leasing articles and guides. The information posted here is based on many years of real experience in dealing with consumer’s transportation needs.

As a certified lease consultant, I am often asked “why should I lease my car?” Well, my answer varies depending on each person’s situation, but there are many reasons why leasing may be right for you.

Many people have misconceptions about leasing because of a bad experience at a dealership or by reading a misleading article. Most dealership personnel are not trained on how to explain leasing. It’s commonly used as a tool for selling cars for a higher profit. This is unfortunate, as leasing can be an excellent alternative to financing or paying cash.

I will properly explain the ins and outs of leasing within the context of real-life situations. Once you have read through this publication you will have a real understanding of auto leasing and can apply what you’ve learned to your particular situation and take full advantage of the benefits of leasing.

In addition to this publication, you can rely on the certified leasing specialists at to help with your particular situation. To get free, one-on-one assistance, please call 1-800-223-4882.